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If you are a language creator, a conlanger (or no matter which word you use to describe yourself) you will find this interesting.

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As I wanted to better understand the phenomenon of language creation, I have created a short questionnaire to be filled in and sent back to me. I hope the results will show some interesting facts. The aim of this questionnaire is to highlight some phenomena that have never been proved or demonstrated and then be able to confirm or to reject them (for example: does the mother tongue influence the creation of the first conlang? Are conlangers mostly men? Are IALs more common than fictional languages?) and of course, I will keep you posted about the developments of this study.

I do not exclude this study to be then included into a conlang dictionary. If it is the case, the results will be published in a very far future. Nevertheless, this would be the successful conclusion of a study which means a lot to me. It goes without saying that the more filled-in forms I receive, the more chances I have to reach my goal!

For this reason, I kindly ask you to spread this questionnaire among those who define themselves as language creators. The questionnaire is available in French, German and English, you can also answer in Italian and Esperanto (please note: the language in which you choose to answer will not effect the study in any way). I would also like you to read the introduction carefully.  If you have any futher question, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact information you find in the questionnaire, if the questions repeat themselves I will also create a FAQ page.

Last but not least: I invite you to send me your grammars or texts written in your constructed language (via post or email) or simply to recommend works dealing with conlangs.


 Many possibilities to fill in the questionnaire: you can download the .doc, the .pdf dynamique (to be filled with Acrobat Reader) or the .pdf statique (to be filled manually) and send it back to romain.filstroff@linguisticae.com, or fill the google form below (you can reach it here too: link)


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